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Shearsby Bath, Leicestershire - Sarah & Jonathan

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

There is something to be said about the feeling of shooting your first wedding. Nerves, excitement and above all else happiness. Happy you are part of a couple's special day, happy you get to 'work' doing something you love, and extremely happy that you finally get the chance to shoot in a professional capacity, albeit as a second shooter for Dan Waters Creative, who I owe many thanks for the opportunity.

Sarah and Jonathon are a lovely relaxed couple, who made me feel extremely welcome from start to finish and were a pleasure to work with. Shearsby Bath, Leicestershire was the venue for the day and took care of everything for the bride and groom leaving them free to enjoy their celebrations. I got the feeling straight away this was going to be a lively affair and wasn't disappointed. From the groomsman arm wrestling in the morning, through to a pair of covert singing waiters, who fooled everyone including a rather red-faced nurse during the toasts. As one waiter fell to the floor, the other rushed towards him in what appeared to be a genuine concern, only to pick him up, hand him a microphone and start belting out Robbie Williams 'let me entertain you'.. the shock factor alone was incredible.

I had the best time and was buzzing all the way back to Norfolk. I hope you enjoy the shots.


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